Giving the GD community a digital home, increasing donations and volunteer retention

Go Dharmic, a Global NGO asked us to restructure and upgrade their current digital ecosystem as it had next to no online visibility and very low rates of volunteer retention.  They also wanted to increase donations and volunteer sign-ups via digital.  

We mapped out the current digital ecosystem and set up full conversion tracking. We then interviewed Go Dharmic core user groups and mapped out existing and ideal user journeys. We decided the best way to keep members active was to create a community-based mobile app and shift the focus of the website to acquisition.   

We planned and built  a community app that would act as a home for volunteers that had signed up. We connected live web and social data into a dashboard to put their operations team back in the driving seat. We produced an insights report which helped us to optimise both the donation and volunteer funnels.

Web organic and direct traffic saw an 800% increase, we can’t take all the credit, there was a huge social media and marketing drive.  Go Dharmic volunteer retention increased massively with a community platform taking over as the central hub of operations.