Improve the conversion rate of the site by rebuilding it, mobile-first and improving the end-to-end customer experience

LST was largely focused on selling fashion-based e-learning courses in the Asian market, but regardless of the high volume of targeted traffic from social marketing campaigns, it was not efficiently converting into purchases.

Before we started anything, we ensured their conversion tracking was working and reviewed analytics alongside screen recordings of actual users.  This revealed most of the problem areas were impacting mobile phone users. 

We set about redesigning the site in a mobile-first approach. Ensuring we only displayed the right information to users relative to the stage of their purchase journey and removing key friction points. We also set up a remarketing campaign, targeted on-site and course visitors to improve brand awareness. 

The site redesign, combined with the extra brand exposure from targeted banners, increased the conversion rate by over 80%.  This helped to significantly improve the marketing ROI and for the business to step up SEM efforts.