Improving commerce is more then what’s on the surface of a business

Here we drill down into the product mix, optimise search with synonyms and miss spellings, create redirects and ensure recommended products are actually relevant to a user.

Shake your business and harvest the fruit of your work.

Are you getting users to the products they are looking for quickly, can you determine intent from their search keywords and show them exactly what they want, fast! We also review negative search keyword and results, miss spellings, synonyms, redirects and promotion/demotion rules.

Most e-commerce sites have blocks of content where they offer recommended, popular, new, complimentary, alternative or sale categories and products. Where should these be presented to the users and in which order to achieve your businesses objectives?

Traditional E-commerce sites use taxonomies, as in a tree structure of categories in which groups of products sit in. For E-commerce sites with 10’s of thousands of products, this is really not a practical or user friendly approach. Faceted navigation allows you to serve pages based on a users intent, getting them to a product faster!

AI driven commerce is not for everyone, the cost involved means it’s really worth it for companies that have a significant range of products. Smaller sites can easily be manually curated at a lower cost. But once your commerce engine is driven by AI, it really takes all the heavy lifting off your business teams and allows you to focus on core activities.

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