Customer Experience

You can believe you know your customer or you can look into your data

This is called ‘customer experience’ and it’s a full time job. The best way to understand how customers feel about doing business with you is to ask them, but it has to be done at the right time, using the right medium. Depending on the type of insights you are after, you might also need to adapt the way you engage with them.

Get to know your customers

Having a robust tracking in place is key to understand your customer behaviour while browsing your website. There is no limit to how you can combine data to understand what’s going on, so it’s important to have a good customer experience mind set to get straight to the point.

You might not have any ways of gathering feedback on your website, but your costumers are talking about you, on social network, in a blog post or on their YouTube channel. We will help you identify the best tools adapted to your need so you can track and react to any mention of your business. We will also make sure you give them an opportunity to share their thoughts after visiting your website or transacting with you.

Even words can be turned into actionable data to monitor your customer experience. We will guide you in this journey and show you that a good old excel file can sometime be enough to quickly extract insights from thousand customers feedback in multiple languages.

Some of your users want to help you, so give them an opportunity to do that by adding surveys and polls on your website. Of course we will ensure that this is done following UX best practice and not negatively impacting their experience.

It might sounds a bit intrusive but some amazing tools allow you to record your customers screens while browsing your website without capturing any personal or sensitive data. We will help you define the best strategy to get the best out of this amazing technology without getting lost in translation.

Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement

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