Data Visualisation

Anything happening on a website can be tracked, but it won’t happen magically

Even once all the tracking is in place, telling stories with the data is an art and we excel at it. Until your data is visual, it’s difficult to get buy in from your teams and what they can do to influence it.

Believe it when you see it

Once we have this tool added to your site, we will be able to set up all the tracking we need without further development work. One small cut and paste for your developers, one giant leap for your website data collection. We can then add a huge range of other tools to your site, putting the web team back in the driving seat.

Anything can be turned into data, even words. We will guide you in your choice between the best tools available on the market to make sure you can track all the things that matter to you.

We hate having to use lots of different tools to get a clear idea of what’s going on, which is why we consolidate data into one platform. Once we have completed our diagnosis, we flag up the issues on the site that require your attention.

Open you eyes and let them be your pilot

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