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Although most of our design jobs involve designing assets specifically for web and App’s, we also do Logo Design, Branding and Packaging Design.  Giving you a consistent look and feel across both your online and offline marketing.  We can capture your concept in design and provide in a variety of formats and sizes, suitable for digital, social or print.

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Our Logo Design services start with understanding your business and the message you want to convey to your target audience.  We then work with you on several concept variants, carrying through a couple of strongest designs to produce more variants.  In the end you’ll get a simple logo that you truly love in a variety of sizes, suitable for both web and print.

Often once we have completed a businesses logo design, which forms the cornerstone of both their web and offline look and feel we carry forward the style, colours and fonts into other branded materials so you have a coherent look and feel.  This avoids brand over-exposure and we can pretty much extend designs into anything from custom digital images and banners to business cards and clock designs.

We are specialist at packaging for Web 2.0 products, as we call them.  Simple clean, flat designs, honest and clear content and of course those little personal touches to set your products apart from the competition.  We have designed packaging for anything from custom made, solid oak shelves to new CBD based holistic health products.

When you want what we call the Hollywood polished look on websites, it’s much more then just customising a vanilla web template.  Pages should be specifically designed in mobile, tablet and desktop views and a polished visual design is much more then wireframe or prototype design, it’s as close to the end product as you will see before the minimum viable product is launched.

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