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We can grow both the quality and quantity of your organic and direct traffic. Not just by getting you up in the search rankings and occupying more prime space, but also by getting the user to the correct page as quickly as possible. Even though SEO can often be perceived as being complex and ever-changing, starting by simply applying best practices will already greatly impact your business.

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We complete comprehensive keyword research to optimise all the element of the key landing and product pages of your site, ensuring that labels interpreted by search engines are optimal. For more complicated e-commerce sites with thousands of products, this often involves setting up schemas to populate SEO friendly URL’s, Alt Text and Meta Data.

More then just pages themselves, we fine tune at your overall site and the maps (Sitemaps) that give users and search engines a way to navigate through your site, tweak your language files and refine the Robot.Txt files. Want to take things a step further? faceted navigation that will create indexable pages based on a users search queries, we can help you plan and implement a great solution!

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