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Are you really building the right product for your market?

Many companies are shifting from market lead products to consumer led products.  Our UX services help you make the switch, testing out products at various stages of design amongst actual users.  Then refining and adapting at a time when its most cost effecting to do so, giving you a product your customers really love.

Launching fit-for-market products from Day One!

Web and visual analytics tell us of any issues that should be further diagnosed to improve performance, but what about learning directly from real customer interactions with your website.  We can perform usability reports on your existing platforms, with the knowledge of your business objectives.  We can complete this UX audit entirely in-house or recruit users from your target audience and complete in depth user interviews.

Often your competitors or even businesses in all-together different industries will have attempted features and user journeys similar or identical to those that you wish to build.  Rather then redesign the wheel, we bring you the pros and cons of these various implementations to help you reach a solution you are comfortable with.

With our many years of User Experience experience, we can often pick out most of the smaller usability issues simply by understanding your business objectives.  But to truly build a customer driven product we encourage our clients to test with your real-world users at early stages of wireframes and prototypes, this ensures tweaks and changes are made when it’s most cost effective and quick to do so.

Of course our User Experience Audits and user interviews can highlight many issues that need to be addressed, we can provide these to you in a report.  Or we can take over wireframe amends and even create entirely new wireframes or a prototype for you.

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